Why Choose Stuart for your next Event?


Out of the thousands of speakers to choose from for your next event, there is only one with an edge, the experience, insight, charm and warmth of Stuart Walter.

Leading the way on how hypnotherapy and NLP can inspire and change the lives of elite athletes, business entrepreneurs and individuals wanting to transform their lives, his mission and message speak to all kinds of audiences on a grand scale.

Stuart’s biography

For the past 13 years, Stuart Walter has served as a Professional Hypnotherapist for elite athletes, business owners and individuals around Australia to be a better version of themselves.

As a recognised authority on hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, Stuart has directy impacted the lives of thousands of people with his book ‘The Dear Diary Process’ and the ‘Meta4Kids’ children’s stories for overcoming specific issues i.e. bedwetting.


International Speaker

Stuart is a hilarious and engaging speaker, he truly and genuinely cares about every single person he meets. A phenomenal human and working with him was the best thing I have ever done, both personally and professionally”. Monica Ferguson.


Published Author

Considered a Master in his profession worldwide, one of Stuart’s creative moments lead to a concept, that concept was rested, fine tuned and expaned. Now the process he created also gave way to Stuart having a published book called ‘The Dear Diary Process’. A process that is transforming lives… overnight.


Peak Performance Specialist

With 36 World Champions over 13 years, Stuart knows how to get the most out of the best. Over 8500 clients in this time, he is not another person with no skills wanting you to buy something that will make no difference. The power you have already in your mind is all Stuart needs to access to, to have you gain up to 9% difference in results. How does that sound?



I his spare time… Stuart has created many products and programs and business ventures that are all. About mastering your life by mastering your mind. All these products, programs and resources are available to you through the Elite Mindset Institute.


Anna Mary Thomson

Spent the day working with Stuart last week and was totally put out of my comfort zone and overcame so much fear. Major breakthrough. From tears, covering my face and feeling that “CAN’T DO IT” feeling to the focus and drive to overcome.

Monica Ferguson

If I could give 10 out of 5 I would.Stuart doesn’t just come into your life. He is a sign of serious and permanent change and growth. If you show up and do the work, your life will never be the same.

Martine Carroll

Working with Stuart has been a life altering experience for me both personally and professionally. If you are looking to create change in any area of your life, I highly recommend taking advantage of any opportunity you get to work with him